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DreamCasters Entertainment is dedicated to taking our Film & TV Projects to the world -Comedy, Drama & Thrillers!

The following productions have been Acquired and are in various stages of Development.
These projects will feature A-List ensemble casts with Beautiful Visuals and Inspiring Music. 

HairKutz, Sitcom TV Series

Log Line -  Ay! What could be funny about a Hair Salon in Queens? Rocco and his Dedicated team of fashionable Hair Stylist in Queens, that's what! The HairKutz staff solves your Hair Problems then you Life Problems! 

Comparable TV Shows:

Main Characters - 

  • Rocco - Late 50s  Local Queens entrepreneur, loud yet warm  Casting Example - Danny Devito

  • Gina - Mid 40's Motherly type, Italian, with a strong sense of Queens fashion. Gina Runs the Salon. 

  • Rhonda - 30s  Fiery redhead, space cadet and never stops talking. love Gossip and great Hair.   

  • Lisa - 20s Overweight and oversexed. Considers herself a fashion diva. 

  • Angel - 20s Gay, Puerto Rican man. Bitchy and cynical. 

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