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LA Photo Bootcamp


4 week photography course on Portrait & Studio Photography with a focus on shooting Models, Actors, Musicians & Artists and Producing Paid Shoots. 


Next Sessions Start:
- Aug. 7th - Saturdays @ 1PM for 4 Weeks 

Aug 19th - Thursdays @ 7PM for 4 Weeks
- Sept. 4th - Saturdays @ 1PM for 4 Weeks

Get up and running quickly with your SLR camera and learn to produce professional results that you can make money with quickly. Becoming a working photographer does not take years to learn, it’s simple techniques mixed with imagination. If you're interested in becoming a professional photographer that shoots Models, Actors, Musicians and Personalities, then this workshop will make that a reality fast. 

Taught by Aaron Seals, a veteran producer of Photo Shoots,
Commercials & Films with 20 years in production. 

The class takes place in our studio so you get real world
experience from the beginning. 

In this 4 week bootcamp, we learn the photography essentials
from taking technically great photos to producing people focused
shoots with a team. 


Week 1

Learn the basics of using an SLR camera. All professional cameras
work the same way with the same basic controls. We learn what
each control affects the picture and how to work in manual mode.
Exposure, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. Video cameras also
use this same set of controls, so you'll be learning video making
as well. 

Homework: Learn Your Camera and take your first shots in
manual mode bring results to class 2. 


Week 2

Studio Lighting 

Strobe Lighting, Continuous lighting & Daylight.
RGB Lighting and using Gels.  

Modifiers, Diffusors, Backdrops and Sets.

learn to identify how a photo is created in terms of light sources used and
camera settings.
Buying photo equipment.
Photo editing and intro to Photoshop and other photo editing aps. 

Homework: Work with lighting in your house, your camera flash 


Week 3

Shooting People - Shooting Models, Actors, Musicians & Personalities. In a
studio portrait setting and on location
Creating concepts for a photoshoot

How to hire Models, Actors and other on-camera talent for a professional shoot 
Working with Freelance Talent and Talent Agents. Casting Sessions
Release Forms, Contracts

We're shooting models and each other in this class 

Homework: Find photos you like and start discovering styles of shooting.
Bring examples to next class 


Week 4 

Full shoot with On-Camera Talent & Make-up Artist.

Hire the on-camera talent & Test Shoots (collaborate with a team also known
as TFP - Time For Prints).

Working on locations.

City Permits.

What to charge, How to take payments, Finding Clients, Promotion,
and Getting A Photographers Agent.
Setting up a Photography Business.

We're shooting Working Model(s) in this class 

Class Price $450
Contact Aaron Seals - 917.620.4150 / 

Everyone must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19

Our Studio at 1480 Vine St., Los Angeles (Corner of Sunset Blvd.) 


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