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                Creative Agency

    What We Do

    Represent Outstanding Creative Talent

    - Directors 
    - Producers

    - Photographers
    - Casting Directors
    - On-Camera Talent

    - Scripts/Writers 
    - Filming Studios

    - Visual Effects and Animation
    - Music, Jingles & Audio Mixing

    and Produce Amazing Content for: Film, TV, Commercials & Web.

    Strategy, Pitching, PR & Paid Advertising. 


    How Can we Help You

    We help you put the right team together with Directors, Producers, Writers, Casting On-Camera Talent, VFX, Shooting Locations & Studios, Website & App Development, Media Marketing via Web SEO, Web Ad Buying.

    Concept to Bank Deposits! 

    To get you the best Productions Deals, we leverage our Company's own Assets of Fully Owned Companies and Corporate Alliances. 

    Founder and Executive Director, Aaron Seals, lives for
    New York Film/TV and Advertising Production! He is a
    curator of Production Talent as well as On-Camera Talent
    and loves Producing and Co-Producing exciting New
    Projects. For the last 20 years Aaron Seals has worked
    with Top Entertainment Properties like: The Wolf of Wall
    Street, Saturday Night Live, Hamilton, Jerry Seinfeld
    & Madonna!

    Mr. Seals and the DreamCasters team works with You
    and Your Production to create Quality Work Start to
    Finish in Advertising, Film & TV & Live Events. 

    Aaron has worked with many National and International
    Production teams utilizing his New York Production 
    knowledge for all types of media projects from Sound
    Stage Rentals to Hiring and Paying full On-Camera
    Casts & Crew.

    DreamCasters is a Venture Capital funded company, with a fantastic board of Partners & Advisers.
    Together we can make Big Dreams come true.

    See our Talent's Work!

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